Capitalizing on Fear: Media, Politicians Gain Much from Keeping You Scared

Rand Paul said that the Obama administration is downplaying the Ebola threat for the sake of political correctness. True, Ebola is not to be taken lightly. It is a serious, life-threatening virus. However, what about the people who are trying to capitalize on other people’s fears, whether it be by money, ratings, or political points?

“Instead of inciting panic among the public, it is important to inform people of what we do know. What is Ebola? How does one catch the virus? What are the odds an individual will catch the virus? Are the identified cases isolated and properly quarantined? How are we better equipped to handle Ebola than countries in West Africa (because we are immensely so)? If people considered this rationally, the answers to these questions should calm some fears.

Most importantly, people who are not an expert on Ebola should (a) not pretend to be an expert on Ebola and (b) not dismiss experts because fear mongering is good for ratings or good for scoring political points.

Ebola is a serious, life-threatening virus. Rand Paul is right that we should not downplay the realities of diseases and viruses like Ebola for the sake of political correctness and we should have a rational, scientific discussion. However, we should not sacrifice a rational response for the sake of capitalizing on other people’s fears.”

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