My name is Shawn M. Griffiths. I am the editor-in-chief at IVN News and I am a writer. I love to write. I have always had a passion and the talent for it. I have held many jobs since I was 16, but never have I been happier doing what I do now because I get to do what I love to do most.

A native Texan, I was born, raised, and currently live in the Lone Star State. While I do enjoy visiting other great states in the U.S., if you ask me, I will tell you there is no greater state to live in. To answer some initial questions, no I do not have an accent, but yes I do say, “y’all.” In fact, sometimes the only indicator that people have that I am from Texas is my use of this particular pronoun.

I love discussing a variety of topics from entertainment (though I will roll my eyes at any mention of celebrity news), politics (I am a political junkie), philosophy, history, culture, food, beer and wine, art, science, even religion though I am an agnostic.

By agnostic, I do not mean I am on the fence and have not made up my mind. By agnostic, I mean as an empiricist I believe the existence of god(s) is an empirical unknown — it cannot be proven nor disproved — and while scientific evidence continues to point one way on the matter, one cannot speak in absolutes about an empirical unknown.

That being said, I believe to each their own when it comes to religion. There are specific Thomas Jefferson quotes I will reference to from time to time (one of which is at the top of the screen), and when it comes to matters of theology, I am always reminded of the quote that it doesn’t harm me if my neighbor believes in 20 gods or no gods. It is not by our religion (or lack thereof), but our actions that we should be judged.

I remain very objective when it comes to topics and political issues and am likely one of the most unbiased people you will ever meet. I am willing to hear all sides and frequently read opinions and ideas that are not my own. I may disagree with what someone has to say, but as long as the argument is reasonable, it is worth listening to or reading.

We all have different ways of viewing the world around us and we look at information differently, but we will never get close to any resemblance of truth if we rely on recycled talking points and sensationalism. No single individual or party platform has the answer to every single issue, and just combining partisan solutions isn’t a genuine effort to find real solutions.

I am independent-minded. I hold no allegiances to any party or ideology. I am a free thinker — an objective thinker. I reject labels of any kind. I am not a conservative, liberal, or a centrist. I am me, plain and simple. I will freely express my opinions on a topic, but will never pretend to be an expert in a subject I am not. I welcome disagreement, but expect a civil and productive discussion.

On this site, I will post opinions, photos, videos that catch my attention, and even my own fiction when I have the time to write it.

Want to know more? Just ask.

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