I Didn’t Type This Post

It is not Dragon Dictate or any kind of speech-to-text software. This post was written using the Livescribe smartpen 3. It wasn’t typed out on a computer; it was written in a notebook.

The smartpen translates written word into digital text and it is more accurate than Dragon Dictate. Speech-to-text or voice-to-text software requires the program to learn how a person speaks and pronounces words. It takes time to get it to operate the way the user wants.

The Livescribe smartpen 3 is incredibly accurate with great handwriting, and even does pretty well with handwriting as poor as mine. As long as the pen is connected to the Livescribe+ mobile app, it works like a charm. The paper used for the smartpen maps each stroke of the pen and then the app can convert the writing into plain text.

Smartpens are a tool I would recommend to any writer. It is ideal for note taking, but can certainly be used for longer posts (though the longer the post, the more editing it will likely require) and recording audio to sync with notes.

Writing stuff down pen-to-paper has several benefits. The first is focus. People focus a lot more when they write stuff down as opposed to typing on a computer. Computers are distracting.

Writers may know what it is like to type a sentence, read it back, and notice they didn’t type an “of” or an “on” or small words like that because they are really not as focused as they would be if they were writing pen-to-paper. Writers would be amazed what a little more focus would do for writer’s block.

The pen also allows people to be more mobile with their writing. It is frustrating to get a great idea, but have no access to a computer at the time, and it happens all the time.

For my own writing, I look forward to seeing how much it helps.

Author’s note: As mentioned above, the smartpen is accurate, but is not 100 percent perfect. Some editing was required.

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